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The music and soundscapes for HERD have been created in collaboration with over 350 local musicians, sound artists, choirs, schools and community groups, including 7 sound artists, 11 soloists, 3 bands and 3 choirs. Their work of all the musicians and groups will feature in the recorded soundscapes and they will come together to perform live in St George’s Square on Sunday 16th July.

By working with local young people to revive forgotten music traditions, capture oral histories and learn textile skills, the HERD programme encourages people to explore and celebrate their heritage.

We are still seeking volunteers and musicians aged up to 19 to share their original music to be part of HERD. Scroll down for more information.


Submissions are now closed for GET HEARD. However, late submissions may be possible. If you’re interested in submitting, please contact scroll down to find out more and contact

Scroll down to find out more.


We’re looking for passionate community members to be part of HERD. If you take part, you will work closely to support performers, while gaining a behind-the-scenes insight into how a large scale event is run.

Scroll down to find out more.


Can your vehicle carry an unusual passenger? We're looking for individuals with classic open-top / open-back vehicles or interesting vehicles fitted with a roof-racks to take part in an extraordinary aspect of HERD.


We’re looking for Primary School choirs to learn 2 original songs to be sung as part of HERD.

Applications closed


We're looking for Secondary and Primary School choirs to sing at the finale of HERD. Choirs will learn 2 - 3 original songs.

Applications closed


Are you aged up to 19? Do you know any budding musicians or emerging bands? Share your music with us for the chance to be selected to feature in HERD.

Each sheep featured in HERD is a “speaker” with its own unique look and soundscape. Jiggit is all about the youth of Kirklees and the music and sounds that inspire you. This opportunity is open to anyone aged up to 19 based in Kirklees and the surrounding area. You don’t need to be a singer or even a musician to take part. We want to hear the sounds that represent your voice and your community.

Get involved by sending us recordings of your original music as an individual or as a group.

Please note, if you are 15 years or younger you will need parental or guardian consent to take part. Please supply their details as part of your application.


We welcome recordings from all types of music forms and genres such as:

· Instrumental

· Bands of all sizes

· Soloists

· Spoken word

· Poetry

· Electronic beat samples

We’d love to hear what inspires you so that Jiggit the sheep can truly represent your musical interests.


Smartphones: If you have a smartphone, you can record yourself using the inbuilt apps such as Voice Memo or Recorder.

Apps: You can use free apps such as Garage Band and Band Lab to record yourself on your phone or laptops. We welcome the use of other apps to create and record your music including Ableton (paid app).

Please ensure that any file you submit via the form is an audio file (mp3 or wav) and not a video. Maximum track duration: 5 minutes.


Upload your audio file to the SOUNDSCAPE SUBMISSION FORM

In addition to your audio file, please provide the following information via the online form:

· Email

· Phone

· Names involved in recording

· Age

· Band name if relevant

· Your address

· A short paragraph about the piece you’ve sent us and why: name of piece and anything else you think that we should know about your track

If you are aged 15 or below, you must have your parent/guardians permission to take part. Please include their name and email address in the online form so that we are able to contact them.

Deadline for submissions: 23:59, 11 June

Please note that not all pieces will be selected to be played as part of the soundscape and unfortunately, we are not able to provide individual feedback. If your track is selected, we will be in contact to confirm further details with you and your details will be included on our HERD website when the project is live.

Contact us at if you need help with your submission.

Hardeep Sahota is playing the Chimta with his Bangara music group. He wears a blue headscarf and vest. He is also wearing a white shirt that is adorned with silver beads and sequins. The Chimta is a percussive set of tongs with little bells attached to it.
Hardeep Sahota playing the Chimta.


We’re looking for passionate community members to be part of HERD.

HERD is all about celebrating the community of Kirklees and volunteers are key to making this unique project as successful as possible.

If you take part, you will be the main point of contact for the audiences and will work closely to support performers, while gaining a behind-the-scenes insight into how a large scale event is run.


  • Supporting performers during rehearsals and the final performance
  • Helping to organise the rehearsal spaces and green rooms
  • Responding to audience questions and providing information about HERD
  • Supporting our audience management team

This opportunity is open to ages 18+. We are particularly interested in applicants who are from the Kirklees and West Yorkshire area.

Please complete the Application Form or contact us at to find out more about being part of HERD.

Huddersfield Community Gospel Choir rehearsal at New Directions, Aspley Business Park, Huddersfield. The choir members in full voice at the rehearsal.
Huddersfield Community Gospel Choir